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5 Important Things Every Hotel Manager Should Do This Year

As a hotel manager, you rarely have a moment of downtime at work. The hospitality industry is one of the busiest fields to work in, as you constantly have people in need of all kinds of services. Whether you’re new to the business or you’ve been doing this for years, there’s always room for improvement.

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This year, focus on these tasks to help your hotel and your career flourish.

1. Go Through The Necessary Training Procedures

It’s critical to stay up to date with the latest training – whether it’s about management, safety procedures, employee training, health inspections, or hotel standards. Make it a goal to sign up for 2-3 courses for the year that you can attend on your own, or bring your team with you. You may want to update everyone on fire procedures and corporate responsibility, for example. In addition, having relevant industry forms and templates will help in the training process.


2. Seek Out A Mentor

Having a mentor who you can learn from, look up to, and gain professional wisdom from will help you advance far in your career. It can be someone who works at the same hotel as you, or it can be someone else in the hospitality industry within your network. Express your desire to grow in your role and make a sincere effort to follow up on those goals. This could lead to a better opportunity down the road, or allow you to move up in your department.


3. Reward Staff For Positive Behavior

When your staff feels appreciated, they are much more likely to strive for excellence. Show your staff you care by recognizing their positive work behavior, such as perfect attendance, completion of hard tasks, innovation, and finding solutions for challenging situations. You’ll earn respect from your staff if you give verbal affirmation and publicly reward their work. An “Employee Of The Month” plaque is always helpful!


4. Explore Your Benefits And Travel Often

At most hotel chains, there are usually plenty of job openings and opportunities to move into higher management positions. In addition, if your hotel has multiple locations across the country or even across the globe, you have the chance to move to a new place and stay within your company. Additional perks such as discounted rooms, or even a free stay if you need to work late is offered by many 5-star hotels. See what your hotel has to offer, so you can take advantage of it.


5. Research Your Competition, And Network When Possible

It’s never a good idea for a business, never mind a hotel, to remain an island unto itself. Get to know the area your hotel is based out of and constantly be on the lookout for new restaurants, bars, museums, and upcoming events. Get to know the people in those industries so you can network and strike a mutually beneficial deal. Make sure you partner with other businesses that appeal to your client base, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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