Men being manly is a terrific thing. We don’t want our guys to be video game playing hermits, hanging out in their mom’s basement. Get out there men! Do some masculine stuff such as building things, lifting weights, and being productive.

Back in the old days, men weren’t pampered mama’s boys who couldn’t do anything for themselves. They learned things from their dads and grandfathers. Knowledge was passed down to make these hardworking men self sufficient.

Even in today’s fast moving technologically advanced world, here are 6 things every self respecting guy should know how to do.

1. Build Shelves


Don’t just put your books on old used milk crates. Build yourself some respectable shelves that will hold are your stuff, even if it is just your collection of old GI Joe action figures. Having a nice set of shelves adds some much needed style to an ordinary room. Check out the hidden door bookshelves from The Murphy Door for some inspiration.

2. Have Your Own Workshop


This is a true man cave on your property that will hold all your tools, and other outdoor supplies. You need to build this yourself on your property with Summerwood Prefab and Designer Outdoor Structures. They even make a good clubhouses for your children if you choose to use them that way.

3. Take Care of Your Aches and Pains


Don’t be one of those guys who never goes to the doctor. Men need to take charge of their health. You know that a man’s lifespan is less than a woman’s. That’s simply because they never go to the doctor when they should. For example, say you have significant back pain. Do something about it. Talk to Dr. Chi Izeogu if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain.

4. Pay Your Bills


If you are a single guy, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to pay your bills on time. That includes all credit cards, student loans, and other expenses that can affect your credit score. You want to build good credit, so that someday you can buy the house of your dreams and start a family. Check out QuickBooks home accounting software to help you track expenses and stay on budget.

5. Get Off Your Phone


There is nothing more annoying than a man who can’t put down his smartphone. Stop checking your texts, emails, and useless Facebook and be engaged in whoever is sitting in front of your. So whether that is your family, a hot date, or even your mother being present for a real conversation is the true sign of a man.

6. Maintain Great Hygiene


No one is saying you have to become a fussy metrosexual. Does anyone even use that term anymore? Keeping up on your hygiene is very important. So trim those eyebrows, and take care of your skin to start, but maintaining great hygiene is vital for all guys.