Among Mexico’s most legendary resort destinations, Cabo San Lucas wins just about everybody over—and that’s because there’s something for just about everybody here at the southern tip of the Baja California! What’s your preference—adventure? R&R? Tequila nights? Cabo delivers on all counts, promising a magical getaway however you spend it.

Without further ado, let’s run down seven of the top activities that showcase Cabo San Lucas at its finest!

1. Snorkeling

Cabo’s tropical waters, which mark the border between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez (aka Gulf of California), make for some of the finest diving in Mexico. It’s hard to beat the underwater show—and the accessibility—of Cabo San Lucas Marine Park, situated right in the bay. Among its top dives sites are Pelican Rock, which astounds both with myriad fish and its ethereal tumbling “sandfalls”; Neptunes Finger, which includes a mighty wall frequented by open-ocean species like manta rays and sunfish; and Land’s End, home to resident sea lions as well as a shipwreck. Check out the snorkeling at Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas for a memorable adventure. To the northeast, meanwhile, Cabo Pulmo National Park protects a biodiverse Sea of Cortez hard-coral reef—another reliable spectacle for the snorkeler.


2. Beachgoing

Do we even need to say it? Cabo claims some world-class swaths of sand, and many a visitor doesn’t do much else than soak up the sunrays and (where the surf isn’t too rough) wade in the shallows along these gorgeous beaches. From thronged hubs such as Playa del Amor and Tequila Cove to more tucked-away seashores such as Playa Las Viudas, Cabo San Lucas beaches paint one pretty picture.


3. Whale Watching

A broad roster of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) plies Cabo’s depths, but their best known for two far-traveling baleen whales. Both gray whales and humpbacks migrate to Baja California from Alaska in the winter to bring forth their calves. Getting an up-close look at one of these leviathans—a barnacle-blotched gray, a high-breaching humpback—unquestionably ranks among the preeminent experiences one can have down in Cabo. A whale-watching cruise might also turn up sightings of the world’s biggest mammal, the blue whale (commonly seen in the Sea of Cortez in the winter), as well as the sperm whale, that bulbous-headed toothed whale that rivals its distant baleen relatives in size.


And you never know when some bow-riding dolphins will spice up a Cabo San Lucas boat ride.

4. Nightlife


For many visitors to Cabo San Lucas, there’s nothing like capping off a day spent reclining on the beach than with some seaside revelry. Cabo’s plentiful beachfront bars and clubs keep the party going well into the night, and you’ll have plenty of spirited company.

5. Sightseeing


From the coast to the gnarled Sierra de la Laguna of the interior (which reach some 7,000 feet), there’s a whole lot of stirring scenery to soak up on a getaway in Cabo San Lucas. A suitably inspiring landform marks the very toe of the Baja Peninsula, for one thing: the Cabo San Lucas sea arch (El Arco), an unmistakable symbol for Cabo’s beauty and allure. And there’s more magic away from the beaches and sea stacks: Whether you’re hiking or mounted on a surefooted burro, the Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve reveals lovely “sky-island” wilderness—from cactus foothills to high-country forests of pine and oak.

6. Surfing


One look at those gleaming breaks along Cabo’s shores, and you’ll understand why surfers covet this corner of Baja. There are opportunities all across the calendar, from the spring waves of the Sea of Cortez to the mighty fall and winter swells along the Pacific. And Cabo has the resources for surfers of all skills and abilities, including surf rentals, surf classes, and beach camps specially catered to wave riders.

7. Sportfishing


The big-game fishing off Cabo San Lucas is downright legendary. From fast-swimming schools of bonito and mackerel to flashy dorado and monster blue marlins, there are some spectacular fish ready to challenge on you out on the Baja deeps—and whole fleets of expert local guides to help you haul in a beauty or two.